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Giving to Tennessee Christian

The Annual Fund at Tennessee Christian ensures that every student receives the highest level of education constructed on a Christian foundation. Your gift allows the Tennessee Christian mission to continue with excellence. 

Please consider your annual gift to go toward the mission of Tennessee Christian.


Letter from President, Board of Trustees 

& Acting Head of School

Dear Grandparents of Tennessee Christian,

What an incredible blessing it is to be a part of this school! In our 25th year, I often think
of the vision that was the early beginning of Tennessee Christian. Our country and our
culture were very different in October 1997 when the charter was set. Who could have
imagined how critical it would become that this school be an option for families who
wanted their children to have a Christ-centered education with a Biblical worldview?

I was fortunate to have a wonderful childhood. Prayer was still in the classroom and my
family was close. Being the oldest of four children, we didn’t always have what we
wanted, but I had two loving parents who believed in the importance of faith, family, and
freedom. We were taught respect for the flag, for our military, for our uniformed officers,
and for our country, and to love God with all our hearts. Pope John Paul II once said,
“As the family goes, so goes the nation, and so goes the whole world in which we live.”
Never has that become more apparent than the days in which we live. It is my belief that
when prayer was removed from the classroom, the door was opened for many
damaging thoughts and ideas to creep in. One only must look at the evening news to
see how far down the road of decline we have gone as a nation.

The ideologies that are so prevalent today seek to destroy the foundation of families,
making them weak and vulnerable, thus allowing destruction of the value system that
makes our nation strong. In our community, we are blessed to have excellent public-
school teachers, many of them Christians, but as we know, government mandates limit
the exercise of faith in the classroom. Tennessee Christian is that “light on a hill” that
comes alongside families to reinforce the teachings in their homes and in their local

The principals and teachers of Tennessee Christian meet each student’s unique needs
and ability to learn. Our academic standards are a key part of each child’s education,
and coupled with athletic, social, and spiritual growth, our students are ready to meet the
world. I am grateful that my four grandchildren can enjoy the unique experience that is
Tennessee Christian. As the president of the Board of Trustees, and currently the Head
of School, you can be assured that I carefully guard the gate to keep out those things
that do not align with the values of our families.

Having Tennessee Christian Preparatory School as an option is incredibly important to
our families. As grandparents, we understand very well that the fight continues to
ensure that our school is strong and financially viable. We depend on fundraising and
donations for the annual expenses that are not covered by tuition. It is important to note
that we receive no federal or state funding, but neither do we have to conform to the
ideologies that do not honor Christ. Please help us continue this great tradition in
Cleveland, Tennessee with your gift today.

Patricia M Sluder
President, Board of Trustees & Acting Head of School
Tennessee Christian Preparatory School

Frequently Asked Questions

The first question that most outside constituencies ask before making a gift is, "How strong is the giving with the Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff? We are pleased to say that our Annual Fund has 100% participation. Tennessee Christian is a school funded largely by tuition dollars. We seek partnerships with our school community and leaders in the larger Cleveland/Bradley area to help fund programs within Academics, Athletics, and the Art as well as need-based tuition assistance.

Yes! All gifts to Tennessee Christian are tax-deductible. Upon receipt of your generous gift, the Tennessee Christian finance department will send you a letter of acknowledgment that you can use when filing your taxes.

All students at Tennessee Christian benefit from the generous contributions of our Annual Fund.  

A gift of any amount is appreciated and counts towards the important participation measurements. Each donor is asked to prayerfully consider giving a meaningful gift, at whatever level that may be for you, that reflects your commitment to the school and your ability to give.