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Academic Preparation

Tennessee Christian Preparatory School provides each student with a unique journey. How students arrive at their end destination defines who they are in life. At Tennessee Christian, students develop their own ideas, explore diverse perspectives, embrace their Christianity, and take risks as they learn how to succeed with humility as well as grow through failure.

Our Learning Cottage is focused on building a foundation of learning potential. Each student needs a loving environment to engage in learning exploration. Our Learning Cottage equips students ages three through five to begin the exploration of learning that will last a lifetime. Explore more.

Our Lower School builds on the foundation started in the Learning Cottage and continues to provide a spiritual and academic learning environment with excellence. Learn more.

Our Middle School is the bridge that connects the foundational learning to the higher critical thinking of the Upper School. Our middle school students are improving in our four core subjects, English, history, science, and math. Through all of these core subjects, one foundational principle runs as a current through them all, faith. Learn more.

Our Upper School is our highest academic division. Our teachers prepare our students for college in various ways, including content, scholarship opportunities, and earning college credits while on campus. Learn more.

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